Inner Light


Inner Light


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Inclusion Collection

Bright Minds Collection

Life’s Journey

Inner Light Collection

Each one of us has a special light inside and through this collection we can express it and make the world around a better place. Onyx, marble, stone: raw materials used by the most famous italian sculptors, like Michelangelo.

Links4You Collection

A happy life is a net of strong and tight relationships between people. The collection is characterised by abundance of circles, which give lightness and brilliance to each piece. We need to shine to find out our energy and hapiness.

Embrace Collection

Bright Minds Collection

In a young heart there are strenght, excitement, courage… and, on the other hand, plenty of contrasts. Life is the greatest teacher!

Through different experiences we turn sharp corners of our personality in curved shapes. We accept, or better, we try to accept, every trouble that may occur during the way, to become wiser and more reasonable.


Franco Pianegonda

Franco Pianegonda is an artist, sculptor and craftsman from Vicenza, a city resonated for centuries for the handmade production of gold and silver jewelry. Franco is trained as an artist, between an ancient world of Venetian cultural stories and a la perspective of his masterpiece, entirely handmade in an Italian artisan workshop, used in gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and natural stones.

PNG68 design by Franco is starting a new trend in luxury jewelry fashion, exclusively Made in Italy. PNG68 jewels reflect the dynamic personality of young people who love innovations that bring positive changes in our life.