PNG is a nickname which identifies Franco Pianegonda and his year of birth, a special historical moment throughout the world. Sixties describe the counterculture, represented a revolution in social norms which leads to the change of human society to another alternative lifestyle. PNG68 looks back to those years with nostalgia to create a new emblem for the young dreamers, nowadays, represented by the Millenials. PNG68 jewels are designed for this more conscious and more hard to please youth, who make their own revolution by the hand of media and communications.

PNG68 expresses power and excellence by using new materials, alloys and lacquers. Different finishes, chains and forms. Its mainly distinguishing mark: palladium silver, an innovative high-quality alloy developped and registered by Franco Pianegonda.


Franco Pianegonda is the Chief & Art Director of PNG68. Artist, sculptor, engineer and craftsman from Vicenza, he was formed between ancient artistic and historical traditions from Venice, which has been and still is the gateway between Europe and the Middle and Far East. In line with these legacies of the Veneto Region, Franco’s strength is the global perspective. He welcomes globalization with open arms while maintaining the origins and authenticity of the Italian Design and Manufacture.

After more than 20 years of career, Franco designed more than 300 collections, sold more than one million of jewels and has a large list of celebrities who fall in love with his creations. Today, his experience makes him one of the most authoritative voices in the national and international jewelry and a brand ambassador of design Made in Italy.

The Maison is a place where art, history and tradition gather and take inspiration from each other looking forward to the future with curiosity and passion. This magic place is located at Piazza dei Signori, the most ancient plaza of Vicenza, the city where Andrea Palladio started his revolution of Western architecture and one of Italy’s principal jewelry hubs.

At the facilities are centralized our Creative, Research, Production, Logistic, Commercial and Finances Departments in addition to a wide Showroom. There, we receive companies and press from all over the world interested in our products and brands by demand taking and appointment, pride of opening our gates to agents interested about creativity, business and fashion.

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